Tech Specs

- 3 inputs : Clock , Reset, Play
- 2 outputs : Gate, CV out
- Adjustable Speed and Glide
- 8 potentiometers to adjust CV out (selectable between 0-5V or 0-10V )
- 8 switches to select, Gate, Slide and Reset
- Manual

The DIY 8 Sequencer comes as a kit, complete with through hole components to mount and solder yourself, a PCB, front panel and fittings. It should take an afternoon to build, and we recommend that you have some previous soldering experience before you try it. Our 'Bend' kit is a better choice for a solder virgin. You will find this a rewarding build, and you will have gained a funky, playable and inspiring little sequencer module.

The Mode switch allows you to select 6 different modes each one changes the switch function;

  1. GATE ON/OFF (outer circle LED)
  2. SLIDE ON/OFF (inner circle LED)
  3. STEP SKIP (the 2 LEDS are blinking)
  4. REPEAT : the switch has 4 positions (it sets how many times each step is repeated.1 (no LED)- 2 (outer circle LED) - 3 (inner circle LED) 4 (both LEDs)
  5. DIRECTION 1 forward, 2 backward, 3 ping-pong, 4 randomswitch, 5 set the voltage to 0-10V
  6. SCALES , 7 different scales are possible:1 no scale
    2 chromatic
    3 major
    4 minor
    5 pentatonic major
    6 pentatonic minor
    7 major chord (I III V) 8 fifths (I V)