Tech Specs

- Plug 0-5V sensors to control your modular with sensors
- 1 input for sensors mini jack 3.5mm with LED for activity
- Lag from 0 to 10: a low-pass filter that smoothes the signal for unstable sensors
- offset -/+: focus on a part of the signal. It can be positive or negative
- gain from -5 to +5. The gain is acting like a zoom. In the negatives, it acts like an inverter. This feature enables to inverse the curse of an expression pedal for example
- gate: generates a gate when the signal is above 0
- out: output of the processed sensor signal
- 5 HP

With the EO-310 SENSOR SIGNAL PROCESSOR module, we wanted to share Eowave sensor systems that we have been designing for more than 10 years with the world of modular systems. This module enables to plug any eowave sensor to control the parameters of a modular system. The sensor type can be chosen depending on which parameter you want to control. Our sensor designs include - IR distance sensors, pressure sensors, position sensors, tactile sensors, tilts, capacitive pads...

With the signal processing parameters (lag/offset/gain), you will be able to process the signal to get the best response from the sensor