My module came without the ribbon cable attached, which way should it be facing?

  • Please take care when installing your module into your case. eowave modules are -12v (red stripe) facing towards the bottom of the PCB, the only exceptions are the modules that have horizontal alignment and these will have the -12v point marked on the PCB. Our ‘black edition modules (2016 onwards) have a -12v (red stripe) indicator on the PCB, please look carefully so we don’t have to answer hundreds of emails!

Where can I find legacy firmware for my eowave device?

  • Please look in the downloads section under the relevant header for your product, nearly all legacy firmwares are stored here

There is a fault with my eowave product, can it be repaired? 

  • Yes! Occasionally, as is common with boutique synthesizers, a fault can develop with your instrument. If the instrument is within the two year guarantee then there will be no cost for your repair. If your instrument is outside the guarantee period, we will charge for the cost of the parts and a small fee to cover the time spent on the repair. Please use the contact section of our site, explaining the problems you are having and the purchase date

Why can’t I find your product at my preferred store?

  • You can use the where to buy page to find a dealer near you. Stores tend to stock products based on their clients requests, if you are looking for an eowave product and can’t find it drop them an email and they might be able to get hold of it for you. We no longer sell our products directly