The USB Foot Control is a USB hub for up to 8 footswitches/4 expression pedals (6.35mm jack format). It will automatically recognise the type of signal that is plugged in (continuous for expression pedals or on/off for footswitches). The Foot Control will be recognised by your computer as a USB interface. It is programmed using a simple editor, no MIDI interface needed, 100% MIDI compatible. The Foot Control can be used directly with any music software. An ingenious interactive tool for every musician!

The Foot Control requires stereo cables. Each expression type pedal requires a stereo cable - allowing you 4 expression pedals. Footswitch type pedals can be used with a mono cable, or a split stereo cable - allowing up to 8 footswitches. Most likely you will want to use a combination of expression and footswitch type pedals, just remember that each slot can be used by one expression pedal, or two footswitch pedals via a stereo split cable

Getting started...

Download the newest version of the editor and manual here

The Foot Control editor requires Max Runtime to be installed, find the latest version free for your Mac or PC here