Tech Specs

- DECL : retrigger input of the envelope - when the gate is off , an impulse will generate an AD envelope, suitable for percussive sounds
- BOUCLE : loop mode, when set ON, the envelope will loop in the AD state
- PORTE : gate input of the envelope, a gate signal will trigger the envelope, it will stay in the sustain state until the gate is released
- SORTIE : audio output
- Format : eurorack 5HP
- Consumption: +12V 22mA, -12V 5mA

Titan has a natural glow, which has a certain impact on the atmosphere structure. The knobs attaque, chute, sustain, relâche enable to set the course of the particles, which create that special glow. The effect on the sound would be very similar to the effect of an ADSR envelope generator, shaping the sound with attack, decay, sustain and release

The BOUCLE mode enables looping in AD state to simulate glowing pulsation

attaque: set attack time from 1ms to 37s
chute: set decay time from 1ms to 37 s
sustain: set sustain level
relache : set release time from 1ms to 37s
0-10V range