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The Ribbon 2 is a tactile instrument which is sensitive to position and pressure. It is interchangeably a 12 -bit synth, a USB controller and CV/Gate controller, it can be used in many different ways - as a solo instrument, to control virtual instruments and iOS or to control analog/modular systems and other CV/gate devices. The Ribbon comes with a software editor, which allows you to choose from 9 oscillator sources, LFO and FM modulation and delay and downsampling effects. 16 Presets can be stored and recalled on the fly using the two buttons on the Ribbon

A quick overview...

  • The Ribbon is powered over a USB port, either by your computer or a wall wart
  • In synthesizer mode, it sends mono audio from the 3.5mm output 
  • In CV/Gate mode, which can be stored as a preset using the editor, the 3.5mm output is set to send pitch on the tip and gate on the ring. Using a split stereo cable you can patch these into your analog synthesizer or modular synthesizer

For more information, the Ribbon 2 manual can be downloaded here

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