Tech Specs

- SYNC : soft synchronisation
- MLI : pulse width modulation input
- ENTREE CT : 1 Volt/octave frequency control input, also available on the 16 pin Ribbon cable
- MOD2 second frequency modulation input
- SCIE : saw wave output
- CARREE : square wave output
- Format : eurorack 5HP
- Metal pot, panel mounted, screwed.
- Consumption: +12V 8mA, -12V 6mA

TITAN modules are elements from the Titan Capsule family. They are sound generators built to recreate the sound of Titan haze. These transistor based oscillators have a wide range and a very particular sound. 2 TITAN modules will create deep and vibrant bass.

Using the « densité des brumes » contriol, the sound will be shaped through Titan’s haze from deep basses to high pitches. The titan transistors generate a bass frequency of +/-15 semi-tones from 1Hz à 6kHz.

switch -2>0 : multiplies the density of the haze by -2. This will have a direct impact on the sound and make it 2 octaves lower.

mod2 0>10 is the amount of frequency modulation of mod2 input.