Tech Specs

- SYNC 1 & 2 : LFO waveform is reset when an impulse signal is received
- OUT 1 & 2 : LFO signal outputs 1 & 2
- Voltage swing is -/+5V
- LEDs display LFO activity
- Eurorack 5 HP
- Metal pot, panel mounted, screwed
- Consumption: +12V 40mA, -12V 10mA

The ZONE B.F. module is an element of the Capsule TITAN. Zone basses fréquences stands for low frequency zone. This module is composed of 2 LFOs, both LFOs have 16 sync-able waveforms

Speed : speed of the LFO, range from 0.1 Hz to +/-200 Hz

Wave (LFO 1 & 2) : 16 Syncable waveforms 

The ZONE B.F. (black edition onwards) now features an additional mode. On the back of the PCB you will find two jumpers, marked as JP1. CV1 is LFO channel 1 and CV2 is LFO channel 2. By moving the jumper so it sits on one leg (rather than 2 as when you have received the module), the Sync input for either LFO channel now becomes LFO speed input, controllable via CV